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Zero Skateboards was founded in 1996 by pro skateboarder and entrepreneur Jamie Thomas. The company is based in Carlsbad, California. Originally a clothing company, Zero then evolved into a skate brand. Thomas left Toy Machine to become Zero’s first pro rider. Zero Skateboards has released seven skate videos – with the first being Thrill of it All in 1997. After that came Misled Youth in 1999.

Past pro riders for Zero include Tom Asta, Elissa Steamer and Chris Cole. Cole won Thrasher’s Skateboarder of the Year award on two occasions. Only two skaters in the history of the award have achieved this. Jamie Thomas himself was voted SOTY by the readers of Transworld Skate magazine back in 2002.

Current Zero pros include Dane Burman, Tommy Sandoval, Adrian Lopez, Windsor James, James Brockman, Tony Cervantes and Chris Wimer.
In 2014 Zero announced that Dwindle Distribution would take over the sales, finance, production and distribution of the brand. However Zero employees remain responsible for the team, marketing and creative aspects of the company.
Zero founder Jamie Thomas also started up the Fallen footwear brand in 2003.

Since 2008 Zero and Fallen have provided Skateistan with sponsored equipment. Skateistan is an award-winning international non-profit organisation. It uses skateboarding and education to empower children. Over 2500 kids attend Skateistan’s programs in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. In 2014 Jamie Thomas visited Afghanistan to skate with the Skateistan students.

Whether it’s their iconic skull logo boards or their rad graphics, Zero continues to be a hugely popular brand with skaters everywhere.