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Welcome Skateboards – welcome to their weird and wonderful world!

Welcome Skateboards was born in 2010. According to the brand themselves, the idea came ‘from a desire to embrace and promote the ever-shrinking sub-cultural side of skateboarding’. After starting out with the aim of creating something different for a small group of friends. Welcome Skateboards is still run exactly the same way today.

Welcome Skateboards are a brand that really stand out in a crowded industry as a result of their bewitching graphics and unique shaped decks. The brand make skateboards that you can’t help sneaking a peek every time you walk past them. They want their graphics to be meaningful. They want to make skateboards that make you really FEEL something.

More than being just a collection of great skaters, the Welcome skate team are a family. A family of individuals that get you really excited to go out and ride your skateboard.

It’s easy to see this inspiration at work. Team members like Nora Vasconcellos, Ryan Townley and Daniel Vargas conjure up absolute magic for the brand. Check out their Instagram page to see for yourself.

Welcome believe that skateboarding is an art form and therefore should be treated as such by the people making the boards you ride.
If these beliefs speak to you then you’re Welcome.