Film Skateboard Trucks Film x T & C Surf 155 Skateboard Trucks


6inch Trucks.

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The Film Trucks feature double drilled baseplates so they work with both old & new school decks, parking block shape baseplate, dual kingpin seat (you can use a spline or old school hex head kingpin in them) and a jaw system bushing that forces the trucks hanger to always stay centred. These are theT & C Surf collaboration. 155 and have a 6inch wide hanger / 8.75inch axle and are suitable for decks 8.5inches and up.Raw Hangers with 1 Green& 1 Pink Baseplates.

  • Towne & Country Surf Collaboration
  • 5.5 Wide Hangers
  • 8.75 Axle
  • Ideal For Decks 8.5& up
  • High Truck
  • Low Set Kingpin
  • Colour – Raw Pink/Green
  • Double Drilled Baseplate For Old School Deck

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8.75 inch (Pair)


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