Ace Trucks AF1 55 Black Truck – PAIR


Pair of damn fine Ace Trucks.

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Ace Trucks AF1 55 in Black – game changing!

  •  Pair of damn fine Ace Trucks
  • Game changing performance with the all new Ace AF1 truck.

The all-new Ace Trucks AF1 55 features game-changing performance without deviation from the brand’s original geometry.

Ace use their proprietary casting process to carefully manufacture these trucks.

Years in development, the Ace AF1 has a 70% increase in the aluminium’s structural integrity. As a result it is the strongest cast truck on the market.

The brand have also updated the sizing on the 44 through 77 models for a better fit across multiple board widths.

The Ace AF1 – tomorrow’s technology, today! Shop now on Decked Out


  • Strongest cast truck ever made !
  • Faced hangers – machined to perfection so the bearings sit flush
  • Upgraded pivot cups – hand poured 96a urethane
  • Refined bushings and washer shapes
  • True T6 heat treated aluminium
  • Upgraded axles – SCM440 alloy steel axles
  • Axle width – 8.5inch
  • Truck height – 52mm

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8.5 inch (Pair)