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George Powell and Stacy Peralta formed Powell Peralta skateboards in 1978.

Powell studied engineering at Stanford and started making homemade skateboards in 1974. This is when his son asked him for a board. Powell pulled an old one out of the garage but it didn’t run smoothly. As a result, Powell became interested in making his own boards using aluminium and fibreglas. He also bought urethane and baked his own wheels.

Peralta was one of the world’s best skaters in the 70s – he was also one of Powell’s skateboard testers. The two teamed up to create Powell Peralta skateboards and formed a skate team called the Bones Brigade.

After Peralta’s departure in the 90s and long periods of silence between the two, in 2008 Powell and Peralta began working together again. In 2016 the brand was inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame.

Powell Peralta Flight Deck technology is their latest innovation. Flight Decks are made of 5 veneers of maple with a layer of fiberglass on the top and bottom for reinforcement. This makes them super thin and super strong… shop yours now on Decked Out.