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Penny Australia

Penny Skateboards are the perfect way to cruise around town, to school, college or the shops in style!

Penny Skateboards founder Ben Mackay channeled everything he’d learnt in manufacturing and design to come up with a high performance, long lasting, ultra-fun plastic skateboard which would take him back to the little plastic boards his dad had bought for him at a garage sale when he was 5 years old.

Mackay named the brand after his sister, Penny.

As they’re made of plastic, Penny Skateboards are lighter to carry around than wooden ones and they feature a waffle tip texture to stop your feet slipping.

They’re not designed for doing tricks but are more geared up to commuting, getting from one place to another or simply ‘cruising’ along, feeling the wind in your hair and the spirit of adventure. Have a look at this clip on their YouTube page and prepare for California daydreaming…

Branching out from the OG 22 inch cruiser, Penny now produce a range of boards including the larger 27 inch ‘Nickel’ as well as longboards, surfboards and accessories.